Winning helps’ and boosts women’s football revival in Italy

Winning helps’ and boosts women’s football revival in Italy

After these tragic events, the verdict could have been one – suspension of the games. The current season, like the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons, has not been completed. When last year the authorities allowed the continuation of the league struggle, the meetings were held with the closed stands.

 Only from December, the number of supporters was allowed in the arena. At Zamalek’s match with ENPPI, played on a 30,000-seat facility, only five thousand tickets were sold. More to the circulation simply did not hit.

This is not the first and probably not the last such an unpleasant event in Egyptian football. Since the revolution in 2011, in which fans of Zamalek and Al-Ahly took an active part, the streets of Cairo are not peaceful. There is no lack of serious fears that what happened before the match and under the object in the city area, after being controlled by the army, is a cruel rematch from the dignitaries.

The government can not cope with supporters, aggression responding to aggression, and as a rule innocent sympathizers do not understand why barbed wire is used, and on the flares and firecrackers it responds with small caliber ammunition. They can not understand how to punish death with no ticket. And this one is very often seen at the stadiums in recent times.

Kill’Em All

Mohamed Hamouda sat in the stands of the Port Said facility on February 1, 2012. He watched the meeting between Al-Masry and Al-Ahly. In the worst nightmares, he could not suppose that the stadium would soon run out of blood. And somewhere in the background of the field duel, in a secluded place in the northern part of the arena there was a banner with the inscription in English “We will kill you all”.

The nightmare began with the final whistle of the referee. The lights have gone out, some fans – al-Masry fans will then claim that they saw them for the first time in their lives – burst into the turf, first pummeling and kicking the players of the visiting Al-Ahly team and then directing their fury towards the opponent’s fans. There was total chaos.

Manuel José , Portuguese coach Al-Ahly, will later say: “I was beaten and kicked. I saw our fans dying and could not do anything about it. ” On the other hand, Mohamed Aboutrika, the player, will be shocked by the cameras: “you can check here infomation about UFABET.

It’s not football, it’s war. People died before us and before our eyes. There was no protection, no help. ” The recordings from the stadium will show that the security personnel did not want to, could not, or simply watched as the fans of the two rival teams struggled and fought.

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