Tocomlink Cine HD2 ACM OnDemand

Virtual tv  Receiver Tocomlink Cine HD Receiver – 1080p WiFi Iks sks ACM  is a small player with a compact USB port layout. Tocomlink receivers   supply amazing first-class and durability.

Similarly to the precise design that Tocomsat it appealing for this reason creating a difference. super performance television receiver, its sleek, compact design makes it ideal for seating to your tv desk.

The Tocomlink simply released every other receiver within the global, reached the Tocomlink Cine HD2 with the modern-day technology to absolutely everyone via default. With the Tocomlink Cine HD2 Receiver you will have a wide range of channels with the great image high-quality to be had within the consolation of your own home.

It has numerous inputs inclusive of USB – LNB 1 & 2 – RS232 -DV-OUT – AV and Ethernet providing you the most diverse possibilities at your fingertips.

The Tocomlink that’s taken into consideration one of the exceptional brands of receivers within the marketplace comes with any other most important release now not to permit your users handy already prepared for brand new technology take a look at the statistics about the brand new Tocomlink Cine HD :  With ACM generation it’s miles already organized for the future to ensure you the great balance at the lowest fee.

Protocol: IKS / SKS / CS

Launch  TOCOMLINK  works with one + net antenna or two antennas, already H.265 more picture first-class with much less internet intake, Tunner ACM equipped for new satellite tv for pc coding.

Recognise More:

Logo: Tocomlink

Model: Cine HD2

Color: Black

Tuner: twin DVB-S2

Keys Generation: ACM / CCM

CPU: H3716MV410

GPU: excessive performance 2nd / 3D Acceleration Engine

RAM: 512Mb

Garage: 128Mb

Ethernet: a hundred Mbit / S

Video Codec : HEVC

Analogic Video

Analogic Audio

Digital Audio input


Input USB enter

Decision: complete HD 1080p

Assist: MP3 / MP4

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