Opposition not happy with the deportation rule

There is a tussle happening between the Labor and the Coalition parties over a bill which makes sure that anyone won’t get the immigration of this country if he has been arrested for an offense and has been proven guilty for it even if he/she was not sent to jail. The opposition wants that this bill is not applied retrospectively and not applied to New Zealanders. However, the immigration Minister of Australia David Coleman has rejected both these conditions. Applying the bill in retrospection would imply that someone who has got immigration of Australia some time back, but has been arrested or accused of an offense will be deprived and deported back to his country.

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David Coleman wants the opposition to be happy about the fact that the implementation of the bill would lead to the cancellation of visas. He is not happy with the bill being criticized for causing more visa rejections. The visa would not be given to someone who has been proven guilty for such a crime which requires imprisonment for 2 years.

Experts have already issued serious warnings against the bill which implies that the bill would cause a lot of visa rejections. Visa rejections would increase by 400%. This bill can also prove detrimental for the New Zealanders who have immigrated here.

There has also been a strain on the relationship between Australia and New Zealand. This is because after this bill gets approved, New Zealanders would face the highest risk of deportation.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern has already criticized the bill calling it “corrosive”. The commissioner of New Zealand to Australia has said that the bill would make “a bad situation worse”. The bill also means that those who have been convicted of very small felonies such as grasping the collar of a person could also have the cancellation of visas. This is a very strict rule. The Labor wants that this rule could be modified to cancel the visas of those who have been convicted of crimes of 1-year punishment or lesser time. Coleman is serious about the bill and has talked to the reporters that it’s necessary to safeguard the Australians from those who have committed some felonies or serious crimes.

Coleman has a favorable opinion about the bill and said that it would deport criminals from different countries without having any prejudice about the individual from any one country. As per 2017, a large number of visas have been canceled which are 4,700 in number.

The bill has been implemented and has led to the deportation of New Zealanders. The changes have been brought about in section 501 of the Migration act of 2014. So this rule was implemented in 2014 and now it has been extended to include conviction of crimes for 2 years.

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In 2014, Scott Morrison was responsible for bringing this rule into the picture. A large number than 1,000 people were deported as per this rule.

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