Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain are pairing up for Hum Tv’s Daasi

Hocane and Adeel Hussain are teaming up for the primary time for a Hum tv drama; the actors will seem in Daasi as the principle leads, teasers for which might be out now.

Speakme to Entertainment news , writer Misbah Nausheen shared, “The tale features Mawra playing a dynamic man or woman named Sunehri. She lives in a small neighbourhood community along with her mom, who is a unmarried discern and works at a boutique as a seamstress.

She’s extremely being concerned and sturdy-willed and is defined as daring; if a person dares improve a finger at her, she has the functionality to break their finger and chooses to fight hearth with hearth.”

Sunehri additionally has a chum named Aliya, performed by way of Faryal Mehmoood, who is simply as robust-willed as her.

“The drama depicts a small middle-class society and the ins and outs of their everyday existence, celebrations and members of the family in the community. It portrays a properly-related, tight-knit community that share their sorrows and joys just as an awful lot as they share their materialistic possessions,” delivered Nausheen.

Inside the teaser, we see Adeel Hussain shedding a tear at a person’s funeral; it looks like his person’s father passes away.

“Alternatively, we see Aahil Salahuddin (Adeel Hussain), who lives in an elite neighbourhood and has suffered from a left out early life. Aahil’s household has seen no love misplaced among his parents and his mother shows little sympathy toward her dying husband.”

“Despite the fact that she loves her son very a good deal, he’s unable to overlook the trauma caused by his mother’s behaviour closer to his father in his final moments. The tale starts offevolved as we see the consequences of of his father’s demise on Aahil throughout his grief.”

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