Kumkum Bhagya Written Updates – Upcoming Story & Twists

Today in Kumkum Bhagya, we perceive how Pragya causes an endeavor to approach To pragya, in any case, she botches the opportunity while Ranbir feels for Prachi when she coincidentally falls in his arms.

In the last scene we perceive how KumKum Bhagya sees Abhi encompassed by few individuals in the bistro and plans to approach him while then again, Ranbir offers to give Prachi lift to her home. Pragya remained there needing to see Abhi perform for the couple who had mentioned him to sing, exactly when Vikram enters. Abhi illuminates Vikram that he had chosen to give the providing food request of Aalia’s gathering to Sarita Ben and that they would talk about with her once he is finished with the presentation.

Sarita Ben gets a call from the merchant and reveals to Pragya that in spite of the fact that she needed to leave promptly to meet somebody, she should ensure she settled the issue with Mr. Mehra and afterward leave. Vikram, whom Pragya thinks to be Mr. Mehra, goes to her and welcomes her. Pragya feels timid as Sarita Ben had disclosed to her that she had addressed him about her and his relationship and feels humiliated to remember the equivalent.

Pragya asks Vikram how Prachi was doing at work spot and to address her inquiry, Vikram acclaims her little girl. Before Pragya could get some information about the messages that she supposes Vikram had sent her, he pardons himself and goes to the washroom while Pragya asked for what reason did he appear to be so unique in relation to his messages. In the wake of finishing the exhibition,

Abhi shuts his eyes and Pragya comes and shakes his hand. Before he could open his eyes and search for it’s identity, Pragya leaves from that point. Simply at that point, he gets a content from Daasi who guides him to return home as Rhea had tumbled from the stairs.

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