Indonesia struggles to define, instill ‘character education’ in 2017

I, only a little bit of residue noticeable all around, felt like I needed to kick the bucket,” an understudy wrote in a remark, as announced by

Different understudies, in the mean time, have about the tests with joke on Twitter.”UNBK = Patient-Based National Exam,” one Twitter client stated, alluding to the abbreviation of the PC based test.

“(Science). 1% doing the test. 99% taking a gander at another understudy’s answer, talk, checking catches, moving shakers made of an eraser, discussing Quran refrains,” composed another Twitter client, tongue in cheek.

Reacting to this, Education and Culture Minister Muhadjir Effendy stated, during the current year’s assessment, the inquiries were planned by globally endorsed instruction change idea, to be specific the High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).

“We connected HOTS to drive the understudies into speculation basically,” he told the press in the bad habit presidential royal residence on Friday, as detailed by

Appraisal tests figured utilizing HOTS, among others, lead the understudies to dissect, assess and make answers for issues rather than simply retaining hypotheses like in the Indonesian moderate instruction idea.

“This is significant for the understudies’ character building,” Muhadjir said.

Understudies said they were sucker punched by the service.

“I comprehend that detailing the inquiries as indicated by the HOTS idea is a spectacular plan to give us a chance to rehearse basic deduction for critical thinking. Sadly, you didn’t tell us about [this policy] prior with the goal that we could get ready,” said an understudy utilizing the handle @lindalindyy.

Most understudies griped that the math tests, particularly the one for sociology majors, were not as per the preliminary tests the understudies had been doing the previous couple of months to get ready for the national tests, as indicated by the Federation of Indonesian Teachers Associations (FSGI).

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