Hurricane Proofing Homes – How to Hurricane Proof Your House

If upgrading the plumbing fixtures is that the solely modification that you’re desiring to build to the area, make sure that you simply choose fixtures that complement (rather than clash with) the remainder of the lavatory. even though you go a additional trendy route you’ll still wish to match the remainder of the colours within the area and also the general vogue.

Self-importance upgrades

If you’ve got a touch additional to pay, think home and garden upgrading the whole self-importance, which incorporates not simply taps however additionally carpentry and sinks. you’ll get self-importance kits that have all of the weather you wish for one worth, otherwise you will place along the proper self-importance yourself. certify to settle on materials that may have additional attractiveness with consumers. as an example, marble and granite are typically high picks for counter ace, whereas tile and laminate will look a touch too retro.

Recent coat of paint

One thing as easy as a replacement coat of paint will build an enormous impact on the overall look of a rest room. This goes double if the area shows any sign of mildew or different kinds of water harm (though if this is often the case, you’ll wish to deal with the particular drawback too, and not simply hide it behind some primer).

Painting may be a smart renovation project to DIY, notably within the toilet, that is typically alittle area. Use painter’s tape to contour the planning, and select a neutral color that may have additional widespread attractiveness.


If you’re searching for a dramatic modification, then upgrading the flooring in your toilet may be a great way to travel. the common price per sq ft of toilet flooring is concerning $2.50 on the low finish and $4.00 on the high finish and labor prices (assuming you don’t install the flooring yourself). If you actually wish to require the floors to consequent level, you’ll install bright heat mats underneath the tile, that heat the floors for a comfy feel post shower or tub.

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