Gambling register is the next step to Internet control?

Gambling register is the next step to Internet control?

The “Register of domains used to offer gambling contrary to the Act” was initially to be referred to as the “Register of Prohibited Sites”, but the Ministry of Finance departed from this idea. The name of the list should clearly indicate that it will serve the fight against illegal bookmakers, and will not be an introduction to Internet censorship.

Pursuant to the act, from July 1, 2017, online gaming sites and bookmaking websites will be blocked, e.g. Play Fortuna or Bet At Home. What can this mean? Even more state control over players by imposing a monopoly on online gambling.

As at June 22, 2017, the list provided by the Ministry includes 409 websites. After the user has entered the browser’s web address of one of the websites, it will be automatically redirected to the IP address, where the message from the Ministry of Finance is posted.

The site informs users about the blocking of a given website , along with an explanation of which provisions in the law allow it:

According to the calculations of the Association of Employers and Employees of Bookmakers’ Companies, the mutual betting market is currently worth over PLN 5 billion a year. According to TNS OBOP, bookmakers bet on 13%. Poles, and the bookmaker industry is growing dynamically every year.

Politicians argue that the register of gambling domains will be implemented by the fact that by eliminating the gray area of ​​gambling, the state budget is to save PLN 1.5 billion annually. The new law will therefore introduce a state monopoly on the provision of gambling services.You can get this right here without cost judi online.

The end of Facebook?

The biggest surprise for everyone may be the fact that the Ministry of Finance is also analyzing whether Facebook (!) Should not be included in the register of gambling websites.The largest social networking site, after all, offers an extensive section of games that simulate gambling machines.


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