Chelsea get permission from Derby to hold Frank Lampard talks

Chelsea get permission from Derby to hold Frank Lampard talks

After all, both of them softened. After no one was interested in the winter transfer market and said open apology, Carlitos finally returned to Manchester City’s main squad in February 2012 after 5 months of suspension. Only in March did he play again. His contribution successfully led Manchester City to embrace the title after a long wait of 44 years.

The 2013/14 season, Carlitos’ journey continued to Italy. He joined Juventus. In Turin he became a different figure: it did not create controversy. Yes, for two seasons costuming Juventus, Carlitos became a tame figure. After all, being tame didn’t lower his stastus as a champion. Carlitos managed to lead Juventus to embrace two Italian League titles.

Eleven years of wandering in the land of people, finally the journey of Carlitos ended. He returned to Argentina in July 2015 to join the club that raised his name, Boca Juniors. This is the dream of Carlitos himself, because in 2012 he said to retire at Boca Juniors . Seeing the age of 31 years, his dream will be realized soon.

However, the return of Carlitos to Boca Juniors is not just a homecoming and pension case. As a champion, he still has one big task waiting: to bring Boca Juniors to his best. They did win the Clausura League in 2011, but the last 6 years of Boca Juniors’ performance were inconsistent. In the Argentine League their performance is up and down like a yo-yo.

Do not know if Carlitos was able to fulfill that big job. Now she just needs to enjoy her first time back to the old house. After many years with so many teams and controversies, Carlitos finally returned to where everything began.Welcome home, Carlitos. Happy going home to all of us!

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In the City of Manchester he returned to acting. After triggering the anger of the Red Devils fans for moving to the city rivals, Carlitos was acting at Manchester City. September 2011, in the Champions League match against Bayern Munich, he refused to be included Roberto Mancini ,

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