adidas Football and Paul Pogba are joining forces once again

Players could never grow up. They could walk all their lives in those shorts that they put on to play. I knew many houses of my buddies, which used only: kitchen (rarely), bathroom, living room (necessarily from Play Station) and bedroom.

 A dozen other rooms were an unknown world. Some have never even looked into these rooms. Real estate agencies are amazingly cutting us out. The average Premier League player has no idea what it costs.

If she wants to buy a couch, she does not know if its value is 1 thousand. or 5,000 pounds. Anyway, what does it matter to him if it’s pennies. The plumber comes to fix something in the bathroom and should take 100 pounds, and demands 1 thousand. The footballer pays because he is unreal.

Foreign players fall victim to real estate sharks. Where do the poor have to know who is honest and who is not? Usually, one or two companies control the entire market in the city, they find out that the dude comes to the milking house and proposes him a house at an inflated price. There is no exit. You take what they give you.

I used to go to different properties. The Brazilian Sandro bought such a gigantic house that when he showed me the movie from the event, I was convinced that it was a nightclub. DJ, lots of people, great space. And it was just a living room in his villa. Scott Parker, a former Chelsea and Tottenham player, was my good friend.

 I saw how much effort he put into building a house in Weybridge. It was the most important investment in his life. One day, driving through the city, I saw Scott with suitcases and three children bustling around the car.You can get this right here without cost 먹튀.

I did not have an orangery. This word made a sensation when the media reported that the property of W.Rooney had such a miracle. My colleagues in the locker room went crazy. They also wanted to have it, although they had no idea what a blood orangery is!

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